Radiator Replacement

  • The heart of the vehicle’s cooling system is a clean, freely circulating radiator. The presence of rust, corrosion, residues and other foreign materials will dramatically reduce circulation and engine overheating results. Severe, prolonged overheating will ruin the engine.
  • Our Technicians will analyze the cooling capabilities of your radiator/cooling system (including the water pump) and discuss with you any remedial services necessary to sustain normal operating temperatures.
  • If required, we will install a Radiator Replacement. The replacement radiator will be filled with new antifreeze/coolant fluids. The vehicle’s engine will idle until a normal operating temperature is attained based on the temperature limit established by the Manufacture. The new radiator and the entire cooling system will be given a final pressure test and leak check before leaving our Center.
  • Our Radiator/Cooling System “Power Flush” Service should be performed every 35,000-50,000 miles. By so doing your radiator will remain in top operating efficiency year round.
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Service You Can Trust
by David on Kwik Kar on Legacy

Awesome place!! The guys were experienced and very easy to talk to and understand. Recomending to my friends to try it out.

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