Radiator Replacement

  • The heart of the vehicle’s cooling system is a clean, freely circulating radiator. The presence of rust, corrosion, residues and other foreign materials will dramatically reduce circulation and engine overheating results. Severe, prolonged overheating will ruin the engine.
  • Our Technicians will analyze the cooling capabilities of your radiator/cooling system (including the water pump) and discuss with you any remedial services necessary to sustain normal operating temperatures.
  • If required, we will install a Radiator Replacement. The replacement radiator will be filled with new antifreeze/coolant fluids. The vehicle’s engine will idle until a normal operating temperature is attained based on the temperature limit established by the Manufacture. The new radiator and the entire cooling system will be given a final pressure test and leak check before leaving our Center.
  • Our Radiator/Cooling System “Power Flush” Service should be performed every 35,000-50,000 miles. By so doing your radiator will remain in top operating efficiency year round.
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 by Jenn H. on Kwik Kar on Legacy

The staff was very friendly and quick!  They were trustworthy and I felt like they really cared.  Thanks!

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