• The Brake System is based on friction and pressure at the point of surface contact between the brake pad or shoe and wheel drum. As a result of friction and pressure, heat is generated and a small amount of the pad or shoe is worn away and becomes a “residue” powder on the exterior of the wheel. A portion of the same residue remains captive inside the wheel drum. An excessive build up of this captive residue will reduce the efficiency and life span of rotors, calipers, drums, pads and shoes.
  • Depending on the driving conditions where a vehicle is operated and the handling habits of the driver, brake pads, shoes, rotors, calipers, drums, etc. will perform for a shorter or longer time period. Eventually, the pads and shoes will need replacement; the rotors and drums will need to be resurfaced; the calipers will need to be cleaned or replaced; the wheel bearings may need to be repacked with the proper lubricant; the brake fluid lines may need to be bled and the brake fluid reservoir topped off.
  • Kwik Kar Legacy @ Chase Oaks performs Brakes System services on passenger vehicles and light duty trucks. Only recognized name brand brake pads, shoes and parts are installed that meet the specification requirements of domestic and import vehicle Manufacturers.
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 by Jenn H. on Kwik Kar on Legacy

The staff was very friendly and quick!  They were trustworthy and I felt like they really cared.  Thanks!

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